sociology 2.2

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  • Couples 2.2
    • Division of Labour
      • Future foundation survey (2000) - men avg 50 mins a day compared to 10 mins in 1960. Women avg 90 mins a day compared to 110 mins in 1960 
      • Burghes = fathers were taking increasing role in emotional development of their children. still seen as a female role
      • Beck = father can't rely on their jobs so look to their children to give them a sense of identity and purpose
      • Man Yee Kan = For every 10k a year a women earns, she spends two hours less of housework per week
      • Gershuny - Found that couples whose parents had equal relationships tended to have an equal relationship themselves.
    • Lesibian Couples
      • Dunne - study of 37 lesibian couples with dependent children found that = they are more likely to describe their relationship as equal and give equal importance to both partners careers
        • Dunne suggests that hetrosexual couples are under pressure to conform to gender scripts but in lesbian couples household tasks aren't linked to particular gender scripts - more equal
    • Decision making
      • Pahl and Vogler - two types of control over family income. 1. Pooling system 2. Allowance system.
      • Edgell - Three types of decision making practices.
        • 1.Very important decision = husband. 2. Important decisions = Jointly decided by both partners. 3. Less important decision = made by the wife
    • Dobash and Dobash - Conducted 109 unstructured interviews who were victims of domestic violence.
      • Incidents were often set off by women challenging their male partner's authority.
        • Men think it's justified due to women financial dependence


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