Sociology- Effects of changes in fertility

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  • Effects of changes in fertility
    • The family
      • Smaller families= Women go to work = Dual earner couple
      • Wealthier families may be able to afford to have a larger family and have childcare
    • Dependency ratio
      • The relationship between the size of the working or productive part of the population and the size of the non-working or dependent part of the population
      • The earnings and savings of the working population must support the dependent population
      • Children mark up large part of dependent pop--> Fall in birth rate reduces the burden of dependency of working population
      • Vanishing children- Falling fertility rates mean fewer children so childhood may become a lonelier experience as they have less siblings but may be more valued
    • Public services and policies
      • Lower birth rates= Less schools and child health services needed
      • Affects cost of maternity/paternity leave and types of houses that need to be built
      • An ageing population
        • The average age of population is rising
        • More old people relative to young people


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