Sociology Families

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  • Sociology Unit One
    • family definition
      • the family is a group of people linked by kinship ties, the adult members assume responsibility for the child
      • nuclear is two hetero adults with children
      • extended families are those with grandparents, aunts and uncles.
      • vertical = 3 or more generations
      • horizontal = same generation e.g aunts and uncles
      • bean pole family is where families are smaller each generation
      • sandwich generation is those who look after young and elder generation
      • boomerang kids are those who leave then return.
      • household is people who live in same place e.g uni dorm
      • cohabitation is an unmarried couple living together
      • reconstituted is a family unit whose parents remarried
      • murdock suggested nuclear family is the most important, but is it in decline?
        • polyandry and communes exist as a family unit
    • functionalists family
      • believe it is the cornerstone of society.
      • murdock's 4 functions are sexual stabilisation, reproduction,socialisation/education  and economic support
        • ignores culture of family.
        • patriarchal
      • parson believed the household is a comfort from the world and that  a function is stabilisation of adult roles aka woman cooks, man works
        • ignores conflict in the family
        • old and american
      • downplays conflict, outdated views, ignores female exploitation and ignores family alternates
    • New Right family
      • new right are mainly politicians and right wing people.
      • believe nuclear has emotional support, socialisation of culture and establishes respect for conformity
      • women have an expressive role and men have a instrumental role.
      • non traditional are dysfunctional
      • believe feminism has distracted women from their natural job as mothers, allowed contraceptive pills
      • the underclass are those who live on benefits
      • basically hates minorities
      • Charles Murray made the 'underclass'
      • people have disabilities and cant work
      • sexist, patriarchal and stereotypical
      • nuclear family is only 5%
    • marxist family
      • Believe family is an agent of social control
      • Engels believed inheritance of property, that family used to not be monogamous
        • there is still monogamy in hunting groups
      • Althusser believed that ideological state apparatus was to make people subsceptible to this state
      • zaretsky said the family is emotional security from oppressive system of capitalism
        • ignores abuse in family etc
      • Marcuse  believed false needs in consumer goods, family helps reproduce false class conscious
      • marxists ignore benefits of family
      • the constant emphasis on capitalism ignores other inequalities like women's inequality - feminism
    • Feminist family
      • it is a patriarchal institution that oppresses women.
      • equal pay act and liberal feminism is what they deem will change rights for women
      • women are beneficial as they do unpaid work - marxist feminists
      • Benston says women doing this work makes men productive workers
      • Ansley said men take out their frustrations of capitalism on women
      • Radicals reject family and the institution
      • Delphi and Leonard say women are wasting their lives
      • Kate millet argues men can dominate women this way through society
      • Greer says ideology suggests to women that being a wife and mother is EVERYTHING.
      • portrays women as passive and not willing to put up a fight
      • dont look at the power in LGBTQ relationships and what they have yet are against hetero
      • black feminists say it isnt diverse or inclusive to them nor other ethnicities


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