Somerset Levels

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  • Somerset levels
    • Physical
      • Severe winter storms in December and January in southern England during 2013/14
        • December 2013 one of stormiest on record since January 1993
        • Southern England and the midlands experienced the highest January rainfall since records began in 1910
      • Impermeable bed rock (clay) and low interception levels (grass) made it naturally a high risk of flooding
        • Southern England received 207mm of rainfall in January 2014 (twice estimated for the month)
      • High tides meant that water can’t exit the river at the mouth so it backs up and floods onto the floodplain
    • Human
      • Lack of river dredging
        • Left 7000 hectares farmland and homes underwater
        • Had not been dredged in 20 years
        • If dredged it would have cleared of silt, widening and deepening them, making them easier to maintain
          • More capacity to carry floodwater away, draining the floodplain quicker
      • Water pumped onto Levels from Taunton and Bridgwater to protect homes built on former floodplains


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