Son of God

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  • Son of God
    • Jewish background to the title
      • The title appears in Jewish literature predating the New Testament.
      • Connected to Messiah
      • Priests, prophets and kings were designated as being “Son of God”
    • New Testament
      • Evolved from the New Testament
      • Used frequently
      • Used in both baptism and transfiguration
        • “My Son”
      • Son of King David
      • Abbä
        • Equivalent to Daddy
          • Vermes agrees, “Abbä is a familiar but also respectful expression”
          • Fitzmyer (1989) believes there is no evidence in first-century Palestinian Judaism that Abbä was used as a personal address for God by any individual.
          • Barr believes that this argument is overrated as there is only one example of Aramaic term translated into Greek
    • “Son of God” in Mark’s Gospel
      • Mark identifies what he thinks about Jesus’ identity
        • Son of God
        • Jesus Christ
      • Mark interprets Jesus’ appearance as a fulfilment of these prophetic messages.
      • For Mark, Jesus has authority and power to defeat evil as  he in God’s son
      • most important title for Mark
      • Baptism and transfiguration
        • Promised Messiah
    • “Son of God” in Matthew’s Gospel


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