Son of Man

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  • Son of Man
    • means 'son of a human' in Hebrew
      • emphasises an individual's humanity
    • denotes humanity or self-designation meaning of 'I'
    • prophet Daniel used to describe a heavenly figure who appeared to be human.
      • divine
      • Human
    • was not used while he was living
    • Jewish origins
    • first appears in Numbers 23:19
    • Daniel saw four beasts that represent the political powers at the time
      • the powers of these beasts would be taken away when the Son of Man appears.
    • 'Son of Man' is not an individual but also a symbol of Go'd speople.
    • Eschatology
      • Son of Man will bring pain and shame to the wicked who will worship him in a role that ties to that of God's.
    • Enoch shows that 'Son of Man' was a messianic title in Jesus' day.


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