Sonnet 116

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  • Sonnet 116
    • William Shakespeare
    • sonnet
      • Shakespearean
        • 3 quatrains and a rhyming couplet
          • each stanza has a change
          • rhyming couplet has a sardonic, witty ending
            • " If this be error and upon me proved, I never writ, nor no man ever loved
              • regarded as one of the greatest writers in the English language
              • self assured
      • Petrachan
        • sestet
        • octave
      • 14 lines
        • love
        • death
        • passing of time
        • ABAB rhyme scheme
    • language
      • "marriage of true mindes admit impediments"
        • poet's pleasure of being in love, always constant and strong even if something goes wrong
      • "which alters when it alteration findes"
        • can't change when faults are found
        • whole stanza is an illusion to the marriage ceremony with wedding vows
      • "or bends with the remover to remove"
        • "deviation is cheating"
      • "oh no it is an ever fixed marke"
        • illusion to lighthouses echoes Othello
          • "Be not afraid  though you do see me weaponed, here is my journey's end, here as my **** and very sea mark of my utmost sail"
          • Act 5 Scene 2
        • change in tempo
      • "lookes  on tempests and is never shaken"
        • can withstand any problem
      • "it is the star to every wandring barke"
        • guiding star/ polaris for boats
      • whose worth unknown although his hight be taken
        • priceless
        • never appreciate value
      • Love's not  Times foole
        • personnification
          • gives both love and time power
        • Hour by Carol Ann Duffy
          • Love's not  Time's beggar
        • not at mercy of physical features
      • "rosie lips and cheeks with his bending sickles compasse come"
        • enduirng, time is cruel and powerful ut love can take it on
      • "breefe houres and weeekes"
        • endures till the end of time
      • "beares it lout teven to the edge of doome"
        • endures till the end of time
    • other poems
      • Whoso list to hount
      • To his Coy Mistress
      • Ae fond kiss
      • Remember


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