sonnet 29 (pity me not)

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  • Sonnet 29
    • Structure
      • sadness through monosyllables
      • typical shakesperean sonnet, 14 lines, set rhyme scheme, 3 rhymed quatrains + a couplet
      • iambic pentameter, stress on PITY me not
      • rhyme disturbed in the same way she has been
    • Tone
      • quite melancholy, but also realistic when it comes to love
        • comparing cycles in nature to cycles of romance
    • Content
      • Speaker recognises and accepts that her lover no longer loves her, and she says she has always known this is the fleeting, fickle way o flove
    • Purpose
      • poet is telling herself off for the disconnect between her heart and her mind
    • Analysis
      • First quatrain
        • nature metaphors for hushed desire of man (close of day, waning of moon, ebbing tide (in OCTET)
        • extended metaphor, comparing love to ever-changing aspects of nature
        • she should not be pitied because: the light of love has been extinguished, because beauty fades in the fields over time, and so does love
      • Second quatrain
        • she should not be pitied because the moon is not as bright/ big as it has been, just like their love
        • uses pronoun 'you'- clear she is directly talking to her former lover. touching emotional nakedness and intimacy
        • doesn't want lover to pity her because the desire and love he once felt for her has fled. she explicitly yells him not to pity her
        • lines 7-8: mood alters, octave ends with a full stop, like a door closing
      • Third quatrain
        • moving on, evanescence, building love on a 'shifting shore'
        • vulnerability, yet great power of being in love
        • pessimism/ cynical way of looking at love
        • love is like a delicate flower beaten by wind, like the tide on the shore that must return back to the ocean, the wreckage that appears after a strong wind, IT MUST BE BROKEN
      • Heroic couplet
        • distinct change in the poem
        • requesting to be pitied for her heart not learning what her mind knew all along
        • time is ticking, nothing lasts forever, especially love


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