Spanish Armada

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  • The Spanish Armada
    • The ENEMIES
      • King Phillip II of Spain was Catholic
        • Mary Queen of Scots - King Phillip wanted her to be England's queen because she was Catholic
          • This made Elizabeth angry and she arranged for Mary to be executed.
      • Queen Elizabeth I of England was Protestant
        • Sir Francis Drake was English - he annoyed King Phillip because he attacked Spanish ships and stole their treasure.
      • In 1558 Phillip II sent a fleet of ships called the Armada as he wanted revenge for Mary
        • When the Armada stopped in France they were attacked in the night bt the English
          • 14 Spanish ships sunk or run aground, the rest fled to Ireland.
            • The English Navy were too good for the Armada and the spanish ships were not used to Englands stormy weather and were damaged.
              • Only half of the Armada returned to Spain.
    • Quotes: "God blew and they were scattered"
    • Quote: "I sent you to fight with men and not the weather" King Phillip


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