11. Sports confidence theory

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  • Sports confidence theory
    • VEALEY
    • Vealey measure 2 factors:
      • Trait sports confidency (SC trait)
      • State sports confidence (SC state)
    • SC trait
      • Innate and described as a natural disposition
      • Relatively stable
      • Different from specific confidence because it relates to a generalised belief of an individual about the extent to which their ability will bring about success across a wide range of sport
      • Global
    • SC state
      • Developed through learning
      • Unstable and changeable
      • Relates to an individuals belief to the extent to which their ability will bring about success at one particular moment
      • Specific to a situation
      • Directly determines the quality of the skill that is to be performed
      • The degree of SC state is determined by the interaction of 3 factors:
        • 1. SC trait
        • 2. The objects sports situation
        • 3. The performer's competitive orientation
    • The extent to which a performer perceives their performance to have been successful is termed the subjective outcome
    • Subjective outcomes produce the following effects:
      • An outcome perceived to be good will increase SC trait, SC state and competitiveness
      • An outcome percieved as poor will decrease SC trait, SC state and competitveness
    • A decrease in SC trait and competitiveness will:
      • 1. depress SC state
      • 2. reduce self-efficacy
      • 3. reduce general confidence
      • 4. cause avoidance behaviour
    • An increase in SC trait and competitveness will:
      • 1. increase SC state
      • 2. increase self-efficacy
      • 3. increase general confidence
      • 4. facilitate approach behaviour
    • Vealey identified strategies to improve SC state:
      • 1. Mastery of skill
      • 2. Styling (demonstration of highly skilled performance to others)
      • 3. Physical and mental preparation
      • 4. Social reinforcement
      • 5. Effective leadership
      • 6. Environmental comfort
    • Vealey concluded that success in one sport leads to increased confidence in other sports


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