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  • Staff Training
    • Induction
      • This introduces new employees to their workplace
      • New recruits are told about the company rules and given a tour of their new workplace
      • Its in place to make new employees feel welcomed and comfortable in their new workplace
    • On-the-Job
      • Most common form of training
      • Sometimes called internal training
      • Employee can learn while they earn
      • Bad working practices can be passed onto new employees because they're trained by an existing employee
    • Off-the-Job
      • When a person learns away from their workplace
      • Can be done internally (in house) or externally
      • More expensive than on-the-job training
      • Higher quality of training because the trainers have the right skills
      • Might not be directly related to the job
    • Appraisal
      • Helps managers to keep track of employees progress and needs
      • Performance targets are set by both the worker and the manager
      • At the end of the year they'll come together and discuss how well the targets were met
      • If employees meet or beat they targets they can be rewarded with higher pay or promotion
      • Can cause problems if its badly managed




Very well crafted jaaaz.

We can also draft a flow chart for the process of recruiting, inductun trainings and performance appraisals as well. That may help candidate to remember the flow / process of job recruitment, trainings and appraisal.

Afzal Shad

Teacher - Business & Accounts

IGCSE / O / A Levels

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