Stafford Afternoons-Carol Ann Duffy

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  • Stafford Afternoons
    • Stanza 1
      • "suddenly"
        • adverb- ability to go back to the memory at any point
      • "only there"
        • Deixes- importance of place. Unforgettable and powerful memory
      • "gardens were empty"
        • Allusion to Garden of Eden/Biblical reference- loss of innocence
    • Stanza 2
      • "on the motorway bridge"
        • shift in tone- away from familiar environment
      • "I waved at windscreens"
        • personal pronouns voice speaker is a child. Alliteration- recalls childhood game
      • "in colour"
        • Personification- colourful imagination
    • Stanza 3
      • "cul-de-sac"
        • no exit/endless
      • "a strange boy threw a stone"
        • The danger of nature- Suggests the boy has more freedom
      • "edge of a small wood"
        • hints she is near danger and out of safety
    • Stanza 4
      • "drew sly faces"
        • like it is a childhood game.
      • "light and shade"
        • Juxtaposition
      • "flowering nettles"
        • The nature is growing more dangerous- suggests something is about to happen? or it pulls her back from the danger?
    • Stanza  5
      • "Too late"
        • She has done something permanant
      • "purple root"
        • colour connatations of power and mystery- phalic symbol/euphenism
      • "a distant lownmower"
        • familiarity- sounds of normality? realisation- nearly back to safety
    • Stanza 6
      • "scattered and shrieked"
        • alliteration
      • "time fell from the sky like a red ball"
        • red links to connatations of violence and passion. She has returned to the safety of her childhood.


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