Stages of attachment

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  • Stages of attachment
    • asocial stage
      • first few weeks
      • At the start of the stage, the baby has no preference for animate or inanimate objects
      • Later begins to prefer social stimuli and be happier with people
      • Reciprocity and interactional synchrony establish relationships with others and start to form bonds
      • limiation - poor evidence for the asocial stage
    • Indiscriminate
      • 2-7 months
      • Becomes more sociable, prefers people to inanimate objects
      • Accepts cuddles and comfort from anyone
      • Doesn't show separation or stranger anxiety
    • multiple
      • 1 year
      • Multiple attachments can happen after the initial one
      • Secondary attachments to several different people they like
      • Within one month of initial attachment, 29% of babies had formed multiple attachments
      • By 1 year most had formed multiple attachments
    • specific
      • 7 months +
      • Begin to form specific attachments with those who are most sensitive to their needs
      • Separation anxiety when the primary caregiver leaves
      • Fear strangers
    • strength - real world application to day care


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