Stalins Show Trials

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  • Stalins Show Trials
    • Lenin's Death led to power struggle
      • Between Stalin and Trotsky. Stalin wins and Trotsky is exiled in 1929
        • Stalin introduces 5 year plans. Displeasure from Zinoviev and Kamenev
        • Murder of Sergei Kirov led to a series of purges.
          • Kamenev and Zinoviev sentenced to imprisonment aswell as prominent party leaders
            • Convicted and shot on August 24th
              • In second show trial, various charges including terrorism, sabotage, plotting the assassination of party leaders
                • 13 arrested and shot
                  • In third show trial (the ‘Great Purge Trial’), charges against the defendants included espionage on behalf of the Soviet Union’s enemies, involvement in the assassination of Kirov, and attempting to undermine socialism and restore capitalism.
                    • Of the twenty defendants, seventeen were shot, including Bukharin and Yagoda


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