Standard English planning essay

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  • SE - social attitudes
    • Descriptivism
      • Non-judgemental, conscious of social power of language
      • Michael Rosen
        • We shouldn't ban slang, we should study it
        • We are all bi-dialectal (capable of code-switching)
      • William Labov: studied AAVE. African American Vernacular English. 'No barrier to learning'. Examples: 'He crazy' - copula deletion (no is)
      • Milroy & Milroy: youse - argued SE has gaps, less flexible than regional varieties
    • Prescriptivism
      • Judgemental, see selves as gatekeepers, see English as under attack
      • Lyndsay Johns: criticised 'street slang' such as 'innit', 'cuz', 'bruv'
    • We make assumptions/ inferences about a person's social class, intelligence, geographical
      • Steph McGovern North Eastern accent - was offered £5 to get elocution lessons
      • In polls, Scottish/ Yorkshire accent seen as trustworthy/ friendly; Liverpool accent untrustworthy; RP users seen as 'haughty'
      • John Baugh - found that landlords in California had a 66% chance of offering an appointment to someone with a Standard American accent, but only 39% if they had a minority accent


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