starch based sauces investigation

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  • Starch based sauces
    • The different types of starch based sauces:
      • Cornflour is used in custard and gravy
      • Plain flour is used for a roux sauce
      • Arrowroot is used in a glaze for fruit flans or gateaux
      • Wheat flour is used in a white sauce
      • Potato flour  used for thickening soups
    • Methods of making starch based sauces:
      • roux method
      • blended method
      • all in one method
    • Facts:
      • Glucose is the main factor of starch and can act as a thickener for sauces
      • Starch is a carbohydrate
      • Starch is the main source of energy for the human body
      • Types of starch:
        • arrowroot
        • cornstarch
        • what and plain flour
        • potato starch
      • potatoes, bread,rice and cereal contain starch


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