Short and Long term memory

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  • STM & LTM
    • Miller the magic number 7+-2
      • 1956 wrote an article called The magic number -concluded span of immediate memory is about seven items
    • Cowan
      • 2001 STM is likely to be limited to about four chunks.
    • Harry Barick
      • 1975 tested 400 people age 17-74 on memory of classmates using photo recognition.
    • Vogel
      • Four items the limit for visual information in STM. 2001
    • Simon
      • 1974 found people had shorter  memory for larger chunks like eight word phrases rather than one syllable words.
    • Reitman
      • 1974 used aditory tones instead of numbers so that displacement wouldnt occur..
    • Rothbart
      • Rothbart found evidence for acoustic coding in LTM.1972
    • Brandimore
      • STM may not be just acoustic-did a study were people had to use visual codes instead.
    • Frost
      • 1972 found that long term memory recall was related to visual as well as semantiuc categories.


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