Storm on the Island

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  • Storm on the Island
    • Structure
      • The lack of Stanza breaks and long sentences shows the overwhelming power of nature.
      • Enjambment
        • Provides lots of information and the immense impact that the storm has on the environment - damage it causes.
      • Cyclical Structure
        • That the storm will happen over and over again.
    • What is the Poem about?
      • This is about the narrator being confident that he is prepared for the storm but gets pulled in the chaos anyway.
    • Language of Conflict
      • "blast", "pummels", "exploding", "bombarded", "strafes", "salvo"
        • This shows that the storm is dangerous and threatening.
      • Everyday Language
        • "You know what I mean"
          • This acts as an Oxymoron with the Language of Conflict stating that the storm and chaos is part of his everyday life.
    • Oxymoron
      • "exploding comfortably"
        • This shows that the narrator has made sense of his storm filled life despite it not making sense to us.
    • Half Rhyme
      • The Half Rhyme shows the storm breaking through order and causing chaos.
        • "squat" + "state"


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