Strat Lessons 11-12

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  • Strat Lesson 11-12 (Age)
    • Key terms
      • Social Construct
      • Ageism
    • How do we know age is partially a social construct?
    • What did Phillipe Aries say about childhood and what evidence did he give?
    • What do Marxists believe about how society views the elderly and the young?
    • Describe a stereotypical teenager.
      • What impact could teenage stereoptypes have on life-chances?
    • Describe a stereotypical elderly person.
      • What impact could eldewrly stereotypes have on life chances?
      • How do media presentations of the elderly impact societal views?
    • What problems will come from an aging population?
    • What evidence is there that women suffer from a combination of sexism and ageism?
    • What is the Equality Act 2010?


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