Strategies to reduce impacts of mass movements

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  • Strategies to Reduce Impacts of Mass Movement
    • pinning
      • metal pole inserted in rock, metal plate bolted on outside of rock
    • netting
      • metal nettings preventing lose rock from falling
    • afforestation
      • reduces soil erosion + increases interception
      • roots loose rock + soil
    • gabions
      • boxes of metal mesh, stablilise toe of landslip
      • adv - flatpack
    • drainage
      • moving water away from vulnerable slopes
      • water adds weight, lubricates, forms flows + slumps
    • grading
      • make slope more gentle
    • grouting
      • inject permeable rocks with cement to reduce pore water + increase strength
    • shotcrete
      • lose rocks sprayed with concrete, stop falling
    • mapping hazards


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