Stratification Lesson 4-7

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  • Stratification Lesson 4-7
    • Key Terms
      • Market Position
      • Status
      • Power
      • Proletariat
      • Feminism
      • Patriarchy
      • Authority
    • What evidence would feminists give to argue women are lower down in the system of stratification than men?
    • What % of UK prime ministers have been women? What would feminists say about this?
    • What changes would feminists want to see in society to increase women's status?
    • What is the difference between a liberal and a radical feminist?
    • Who is Max Weber?
    • What is the difference between formal and informal source of power? Give examples.
    • What are different theorists' attitudes to power?
      • Feminists
      • Marxists
      • Functionalists
    • What are Weber's three different categories of authority?
      • Traditional
      • Charismatic
      • Rational-legal
    • Summarise the findings of the Luton Car Factor studies


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