matts fitness mindmap

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  • Fitness
    • Speed
      • Speed is the time taken to use all body parts as quick as possible
        • We use speed when running the 100 meters
    • Strength
      • Strength is the amount of force the body can exert against a resistance
        • We use strength when tackling in rugby or throwing an opponent in judo
    • Stamina
      • Stamina is the agility of the heart and lungs to be able to work for a long time without becoming tired
        • We have to have good stamina to last the whole length of a rugby or football match
    • Suppleness
      • Suppleness is the range of movement possible at a joint
        • We have to be supple in gymnastics
    • Power
      • Power is the maximum of speed with the maximum amount of strength
        • We use power when we try and break through a tackle in rugby


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