Stresemanns policy of fufilment

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  • Was Stresemann a success or a failure?
    • Stresemann's 'policy of fulfilment'
      • The Young Plan:               -Reorganized the payments of reparations.    -Reduced the total amount of reparations to be paid by 37,000 million marks.             -Lower annual payments than the Dawes plan.    -No more allies supervision on banks.
      • The treaty of Berlin 1926:    -Created a public relationship between Germany-USSR.            -Put pressure on the US to improve relations with Germany in fear of them getting closer with USSR.
      • The Locarno pact 1925:                -Gave France an extra sense of security to Germany's Western boarders, as they were established in the pact.          A nations denounced the use of force, only for self-defence.


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