stress diathesis model

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  • Stress Diathesis Model
    • Diathesis is a predisposition or vulnerability to mental disorder through abnormality of the brain or neuro-transmitters.
    • The model help to explain how stress caused by life events (nurture) can interact with an individual's genetic vulnerability (nature) to impact on their mental wellbeing.
    • Some people are born with biological or genetic pre-dispositions (tendencies) to mental illness.
    • High levels of stress and trauma can trigger the onset of psychological disorders for those who have pre-dispositions.
    • Psychosis, depression, schizophrenia and phobia's can be triggered by stress, anxiety, death, abuse, trauma or drug taking.
    • However, some people with genetic pre-dispositions may never develop any disorders if they do not experience any triggers.
    • Only if the combination of the pre-disposition and stress exceeds a threshold will the person develop a disorder.


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