Sub aerial processes

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  • Sub-aerial processes
    • Mechanical weathering
      • Freeze-thaw weathering - Where water enters cracks, freezes, leading to expansion of cracks
      • Temperature changes - The repeated expansion and contraction of rocks wears the rock away
    • Biological weathering
      • Animal related: Animals can burrow into rocks (especially soft rocks)
      • Plant related: Seaweed help prise away rocks and some algae secret chemicals
    • Chemical weathering
      • Solution - Where acidic water leads to the breakdown of carbon-based rocks
      • Oxidation - Where hydroxides/oxides are formed, and lead to the wearing away of the rock
      • Hydrolysis -Where mildly acidic water reacts with rocks to create salts which degrades the rock
      • Carbonation -  Where CO2 dissolves into seawater and reacts with CaCO3 to create calcium bicarbonate which dissolves easily
    • Mass movement
      • Landslides - Occur on soft cliffs where there is a failure
      • Rockfalls - caused by undercut of the sea
      • Mudflows - Where soil becomes saturated with rainwater and can become fluid and move downhill
      • Rotational slip - Where soft material overlies resistant material and collapses


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