Substance Abuse

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  • Substance Abuse
    • Symptoms
      • Watery eyes
      • Redness
      • Puffiness of the eyes
      • Impaired memory
      • Cognition and vision
      • Behavioural chnages
      • Lack of attention
      • Disturbed sleep routine
      • Depression
    • Identified needs
      • Help identifying the causes of the substance abuse
      • Assistance and support when trying to get treatment and support
      • Emotional needs that may occur
      • Withdrawal symptoms and mental illnesses
      • Advice and guidance with treatment options
      • Referals to self-help groups
        • Alcohol Anonymous
      • Help to find support right for you
    • Adjustments required
      • Removal of the substance that is being abused
      • Attending the self-help groups and support groups
        • Alcoholics anonymous
        • Narcotics Anonymous
      • Getting advice and support for ways to cope without the substances
      • Treatment for underlying conditions
      • Attending behavioural therapy sessions
      • Identifying and changing the causes of substances abuse
      • Treating possible conditions that may have been because of the abuse
      • Getting support for emotional trauma
      • Finanaical support/ assistance getting a job


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