Outline of Superpowers

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  • Superpowers
    • How to define the idea of superpowers
    • How patterns of power change over time
      • Named Example: Rise and Fall of the British Empire
      • Named Example: collapse of communism
      • Named Example: The rise of the BRICs
    • Theories for the growth of superpowers
      • Named Example: China vs.India
    • How power can be maintained
      • Named Example: Colonialism - Inida
      • Named Example: Neo-colonialism in Ghana
    • Rule of superpowers on international action and decision making
    • Nature of trade and who controls it
    • Superpowers cultural influence
      • Case Study: MdDonaldisation
    • The impact on Water, Energy, Environment and land demand of rising superpowers
      • Case Study- China- an emerging superpower
    • Impacts of rising new superpowers on the old superpowers
      • Named Examples: Russia-the rebirth of a superpower
      • Named Example: USA car industry
    • Implications for the Majority world of the new superpowers
      • Named Example: OPEC an oil cartel
      • Named Example China's investment in Africa
    • Shifting power may lead to tensions


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