Urban Sustainability

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  • Sustainability of urban areas
    • Requirements of acceptable standards of urban lving
      • Durable housing
      • Secure tenures
      • Enough space
      • Safe water
      • Sanitation
    • Chahnges in planning for sustainability
      • 1.New towns
        • Forst attempt to manage urban growth in post-WWII Britain
      • 2.Eco towns
        • July 2007-cash earmarked for development of small carbon neutral towns containing between 5000 and 20000 homes
      • 3.City-wide planning
      • 4.Comunity controlled towns
      • 5.Slums
    • BedZed
      • 99 homes in south London
      • Aims to reduce carbon emissions
      • Houses have thick walls, south facing windows, and roof vents
      • Rainwater harvesting from roofs
      • Not really sustainable as houses are very expensive, and house a tiny population
    • Ecological footprint
      • Measure of the productive land needed to support a person in terms of the resources they use, and the waste they produce
      • European average is about 3ha per person
      • USA average is about 4ha per person
      • Global carrying capacity is about 1.9ha per person
    • Dongtan
      • Chongming Island, eatern China
      • Designed by British company ARUP
      • $1.3bn project
      • Housed 25000 by 2010, 80000 by 2020, and 500000 by 2030
      • 86km^2
      • 1/5 of total area urban
      • Planned footpaths a cycle routes
      • Planned easily accessible public transport (bo more than 500m from every house
      • Generous areas of greenn space
      • Buses powered by hydrogen cells
      • No landfills, waste burned and used as fuels
      • Renewable energy sources
      • Wetlands conserved
      • Ecological footprint will be 2.2gha, higher than 1.9gha needed for sustainability
      • Could become a dormitory town.
      • Migrant birds threatend


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