Sutra 2008

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  • Sutra (2008)
    • Set design
      • Antony Gormley
        • He had collaborated with Cherkaoui previsouly in the work Zero Degrees 2005
        • he thinks "whether we like it or not, china is in the future"
        • His ideas stem from the fascinations with the human body
          • he is interested in giving the bodies of the dancers' extensions that can be themselves continually manipulated into new configurations
      • the 21 oblong, five-sided wooden boxes representative of many things
        • Sentry boxes, baths, cupboards, bed, coffins
    • Accompaniment
      • Syzmon Brzoska
        • He was just 27 when he composed the score and had just finished studying in Antwerp
      • The score for Sutra is melancholic with violins, viola, cello, piano and percussion
        • He feels that this in many ways would contrast with the bracing physicality of the monks movements
        • The stings helped to create the atmosphere that was felt in the Shaolin Temple
      • He said he never intended to write music that would be inspired by chinese music in a cliched way
    • Costumes
      • Sections 1-5
        • The monks wear their traditional attire
          • Light grey/ blue tunic or toga that wraps around the torso fastened with the same colour belt
          • The same cotton material and colour are used for the baggy harem trousers
            • On their feet they wear black plimsoles with string crossing up their shins
      • Section 8
        • The monks wear their Western attire
          • Charcoal grey, collared shirt with a black/ grey tailored blazer and trousers
          • On their feet they wear grey socks and black plimsoles without the string


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