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  • Tactics
    • Lenin's funeral
      • 1924-gave contenders for power a platform to show loyalty
      • Stalin used this to discredit Trotsky
        • Told him the wrong date for funeral-missed the opp and was regarded as disloyal
    • Lenin's Testament
      • Stalin argued Testament shouldn't be published
        • Discredited Stalin and Zin and Kam
        • Many never knew what Lenin wanted
    • Bukharin's medical
      • Stalin-General Secretary influence
        • Prevented Bukharin from attending meetings
      • Stalin arranged to have plane grounded twice
    • Faction fighting
      • 1921-Lenin banned factions
      • Stalin made rumours - forming alliance with Zin and Kam
        • Bukharin called secret meeting with Zin and Kam
        • Stalin knew-accused Bukharin of factionalism
    • Ideological tactics
      • Stalin move from R to L (1928)
    • Impact on leadership struggle
      • Stalin had the advantage at crucial moments
      • Stalin able to discredit his opponents to gain him support


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