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  • Tamburlaine
    • Form
      • Tragedy
        • Prologue distanced from moral interlude
          • Poetic Language
            • Break away from the fourteener.
              • Denotes a character that cannot be contained
              • Challenges orthodox thinking (multiple associations)
                • The idea of  Renaissance man
                • The perfect balance of instability
                  • The Gods as both elevated but flawed
                • Humanistic ideals of love
            • In line with the morality tradition
            • Close textual analysis
            • The stage language of Marlowe
              • Stage directions and scene cuts
              • Tamburlaine's Eloquence
      • Strict Iambic Pentametre
        • Monosyllables and plain speech
    • Historical contexts
      • The figure of a tyrant      (1336-1405)
        • inspirations for marlowe
          • Sylva de varia Lecion 1571 Magni Tamerlanis Scytharvm Imperatoris Vita
            • Geography Asia minor (partial correct)
              • Syria and Egypt (Partial correct)
                • Persia (Worked upon as a ruling country)
            • the Ortelius maps
            • The classics such as Ovid
      • Audience reception


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