teacher labelling

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  • teacher labelling
    • potentially based on hair/eye colour, ethnicity, social class and/or gender
    • teacher could label student as smart/dumb/well behaved/ troublemaker
    • becker (1971)
      • discovered teachers judged pupils based on an image of the 'ideal pupil'
      • key factors in teachers judgements were pupils work, conduct and appearance
      • interviewed 60 Chicago high school teachers
      • middle-class pupils seen as closest to ideal and working-class were seen as furthest and regarded as badly behaved
    • dume and gazely
      • 9 english state schools
      • argue that schools produce working class underachievement due to labels and assumptions of teachers
      • believed could overcome working-class underachievement
      • class differences in how they dealt with underachieving students
      • discovered that teachers normalised underachievement of working-class pupils and were unconcerned about it
      • major reason was teachers belief in the role of the home background
    • rist
      • an American kindergarten
      • discovered teachers used information about pupils home background and appearance to separate them
      • fast learning middle-class neat and tidy sat on table nearest
      • w/c grouped as cardinals and clowns


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