BUSS2 Technology in operations

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  • Technology in Operations
    • Robots
      • Widely used in manufacturing
      • perform routine + complex activities
      • Advantages
        • Accurate + efficient
        • Reliable in terms of quality
        • Do boring, repetitive + harzardous tasks
        • Increase productivity
          • Reduce UC
      • Disadvantages
        • Up-front investment
        • De-motivating for staff replaced by robots
    • Communications
      • Technology impacted on customer service
        • Internet
      • allows business to work closer with suppliers
      • Databases from loyalty card info
        • Marketing based on firm's knowledge of cosnumers
    • Automation
      • Use of machinery to replace HR
      • Stock control
        • Integrated software + hardware
          • Which can monitor;
            • Quantity of stock
            • Location of stock
            • Status of stock
        • Tills can be linked to stock control through EPOS
          • When item is sold EPOS adjusts stock level
        • Order stock automatically from suppliers when item falls below certain level
        • Helps management contol cash flow
      • Production
        • Producition processes performed by machines
        • Reduces human intervention
        • Regulates workflows
        • Not just confined to factories
          • any business process can be automated
            • e.g call handling
    • Design software systems
      • CAD + CADCAM
        • Computer's design product
        • Can use 2 test new ideas
          • Can simulate tetsing;
            • Saves money- eliminates production + testing of expensive prototypes
          • Speeds up R&D process
    • Technology used to improve efficiency- apply to case study firm
      • Could better technology improve capacity of case study firm?
      • Could it enable firm to produce at lower unit costs?
        • Less labour costs


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