temperate broadleaf woodland

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  • temperate broadleaf woodland
    • Ecological features
      • do not have major temps extreems
      • the lack of food available in the winter causes many animals to become less active
      • water is available all day
    • importance
      • all trees play a part in the hydrological cycle
      • large reservoirs of stored carbon which reduced atmospheric co2 concentration
      • provides resources-wood fuel, tools and building materials
    • threats
      • woodland clearance-woodland habitats have been cleaned to provide space for new land use
      • habitat fragmentation-woodland clearance may leave remaining areas isolated from each other
    • conservation efforts
      • woodland management
        • planting of mixed species woodlands to increase biodiversity
        • community forests planted for recreational use
      • legal protection of ancient woodlands
        • 'an ancient woodland' existed before 16000
      • designated protected areas
        • Sherwood forest national nature reserve
        • there are many woodland SSSI
      • planting of new woodlands


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