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  • Testing
    • Programming errors
      • Errors can be found during development so they need to be corrected
      • Syntax errors
        • When the compiler doesn't understand something you've typed because it does not follow the rules
      • Logic errors
        • When the compiler is able to run the program but something unexpected happens
      • Syntax errors can be diagnosed by compilers
      • Logic errors are more difficult to diagnose and track down
    • Programs should be tested
      • Functionality testing is an essential part of the development process
      • The main aim of functionality testing is to see if the program meets your initial requirements
      • Functionality testing shouldn't be left until the end
      • 4 other types of testing
        • Performance test
          • Tests how quickly certain features run and their impact
        • Usability test
          • Tests how user-friendly the features are
        • Security test
          • Tests vulnerability to attacks
        • Load test
          • Tests how it copes under extreme conditions


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