tests for functional groups

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  • tests for functional groups
    • tests for alkenes
      • bromine water
        • (+) orange to colourless
    • tests for aldehydes
      • Fehling's solution and heat in water bath
        • (+) blue to brick red PPT
      • Tollen's reagent
        • silver nitrate, sodium hydroxide to form light brown PPT
          • add ammonia solution until PPT dissolves
            • heat in water bath and add sample
              • (+) silver mirror
    • tests for carboxylic acids
      • sodium carbonate
        • if it fizzes bubble through limewater
          • (+) CO2 turns limewater cloudy
    • tests for alcohols
      • acidified potassium dichromate
        • tertiary alcohol will not react so no reaction
        • primary or secondary alcohol will turn it orange to green


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