The Ageing Population

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  • Extended ties and kinship
    • Feminist sociologists have noted that women, especially daughters, take on a disproportionate responsibility for the care of elderly parents compared to men
      • This leads to an economic inequality between the sexes, excluding women from the labour market and increasing the no. of women financially dependent on men
        • Additionally, this can be argued that this threatens the nuclear family. The female carer could be emotionally affected, leading to her becoming stressed and creating conflict between her and her husband
    • 77% of older people in the UK see their families on a regular basis, while only 1 in 10 see them once a year
  • Grandparenting and relationships
    • Grandmothers offer more informal childcare than grandparents on avg.
    • Chambers notes there is a growing recognition that families benefit from the precence of grandparents
    • A study in 2012 estimated 5.8 million grandparents currently look after their grandchildren regularly for an avg. of 10 hours a week. This amounts to a saving of £11 in childcare costs per year


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