The Bloody Chamber - Context

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  • The Bloody Chamber - Context
    • Angela Carter
      • Born in England during WW2
        • Evacuated to Yorkshire where she stayed with her maternal grandmother
      • She struggled with anorexia during her childhood years
      • After high school she began working as a journalist
      • Born 7th May 1940 in Eastbourne and died 16th February 1992
      • Her father was a journalist
      • She was a feminist
        • She has been described as a moral pronographer
      • "We must learn to cope with the world before we can interpret it."
      • Inspired by the works of ******
      • Had an interest in social change and individual empowrment
    • Collection
      • Told from the1st person perspective of an unnamed heroine in most stories.
    • Collection
      • The idea of fingernails across a birdcage came from Carter running a pencil along the top of a radiator
      • The stories explore class, politics, social conventions and morality.
      • She explores the issues of class and power in different societies.
      • She emphasises female sexuality and independence


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