The Case Study method - Research Methods

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  • The Case Study method
    • Strengths :)
      • :) high validity - Rich detailed data, qualitative data, in-depth findings
      • :) cause and effect relationships - Longitudinal in design, study one individual over period of time, highlight any developmental changes
      • :) High in reliability - Involve many different research methods, triangulation is used
    • Weaknesses
      • :( low reliability - unique case can't be replicated the same, lots of research methods used
      • :( low generalisability - case specific, unique cases that can't be generalised
      • :( subjectivity - researcher bias, might become too close to individual, and lose objective view
    • Features
      • Longitudinal
      • Individual or small group
      • Unique cases
      • uses a range of research methods
    • Examples
      • HM - Had a brain injury - psychologists studied him, to see how memory works, and how the LTM and STM are connected
      • Little Hans - studied by Freud to see if his theories on the psychodynamic approach were correct


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