the church and the kingdom of God

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  • church and the kingdom of God
    • pilgrimage and the stations of the cross
      • pilgrimage is the movement forward to a final destination
        • Christians are on a sacred journey of service throughout their lives
      • stations of the cross
        • Jesus' last painful journey, 14 images, usually made during Lent, they walk and say a reflection or prayer at each station
          • form of dramatized prayer (raising of the heart and mind to God)
      • pilgrimage
        • a dramatized journey,  has spiritual and religious significance,
          • why people go? to find spiritual wellbeing, to be forgiven, to learn more about God, to think and reflect
    • the Lords prayer
      • 'our father who art in heaven'
        • Stars with Abba meaning father. Shows Jesus' intimate relationship with God. He wants us all to have this relationship with God
    • people go to worship and witness where Jesus was crucified and resurrected. This could make them feel closer to the presence of God
  • ROME
    • people may go to see the Pope and to be in the place where St Peter was crucified and buried
      • also to visit the tomb of St Peter. Rome is the centre of catholic faith (successors of St Peter)
    • many go because they believe that the water from the spring has healing powers.
    • they go to see the site of a famous vision experiences by a young girl called Bernadette.
    • people go to the slipper chapel to leave their shoes and walk the final mile barefoot - the holy mile
  • the kingdom of God
    • summary of Gods whole teachings
      • Jesus was referring to the idea of Gods authority, not the place
        • 'the kingdom of God is among you' Luke
        • starts by birth of Jesus, confirmed by resurrection and death, will be completed in heaven, grows in lives of Christians
  • charity
    • providing help and love to those in need
      • the second commandment: you shall love your neighbor as you love yourself
      • Jesus helped those in need and he sacrificed himself for us so we should have compassion for others
    • help given to people living in the immediate area. People we see on a daily basis. For example SVP
    • help offered on a countrywide basis. For example CSAN
    • help offered to people in other countries. For example CAFOD


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