the church and the kingdom of God 2

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  • the church and kingdom of God 2
    • the hierarchy of the catholic church and the magisterium
      • apostolic succession
        • its important because St Peter was the first Pope. Jesus appointed his disciples to teach in his name and they handed this authority to the successors, the bishops
          • they are a direct link between Jesus and today - Popes, bishops and priests
    • the four marks of the church
      • 'i believe in one, holy, catholic and apostolic church' Nicene creed
      • the qualities of the church which it wouldn't exist without
    • Mary and the Magnificat
      • 'the virgin Mary is the Church's model of faith and charity'
      • Magnificat - Marys awareness of what God had done for her
    • mission and evangelism
      • mission - sending people out with a job to perform
      • evangelism - preaching the good news about Jesus to other people
      • les Misérables - 'to love one another is to see the face of God
    • meaning - universal, church is worldwide
    • reminds Christians that the church can be understood by anyone
    • meaning - tradition of apostles has been  handed down so there is a direct link
    • remind s Christians that the church can be traced back to the apostles, highlighting importance of the magisterium
  • HOLY
    • meaning - each person in the community is guided by the presence of the holy spirit
    • reminds Christians that the church comes from God and is therefore devoted to him
  • ONE
    • meaning- the church is unified
    • shows Catholics that they have a duty to work towards the unity of the church
    • believed the angel Gabriel even if it seemed impossible and said would do anything required of her
    • didn't need proof that Jesus was the son of God
    • immaculate conception
    • shows complete devotion to Jesus at all times - with him at the cross
    • gave up her life to serve God
    • encouraged Jesus in his miracles
  • signs of the kingdom
    • justice
      • bringing about what is right and fair, according to the law OR making up for a wrong that has been comitted
  • peace
    • a state of total trusts and unity between all people
  • reconciliation
    • restoring of harmony after relationships have broken down OR  sacrament
  • nature of the church
    • conciliar - the council helps the Pope understand the feelings of the whole catholic community and help make important decisions
    • pontifical - The Pope is the successor of St Peter and all authority given to Peter has been passed down and has lead the church


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