The Cognitive Approach

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  • The Cognitive Approach
    • Cognitive Neuroscience
      • It is about mapping brain areas to specific cognitive functions
      • In the 1860's Broca identified that frontal lobe damage could permanently impair speech production
      • It has emerged as technology has advanced and scanning machines have advanced to look at brain activity
      • It always employs highly controlled and rigorous methods of study
      • It lacks ecological validity as it is conducted in a lab so the behavior may be artificial
      • The lab study produces reliable and objective data
    • Assumptions
      • Internal mental processes should be studied
      • It investigates memory, perception and thinking
      • It makes inferences on what is going on inside people's minds based on behaviours
      • The mind is like a computer as it has inputs and outputs
      • They prefer objective, controlled and scientific studies
      • Schemas
        • Schemas are packages of information developed by ecperience
        • They act as a mental framework for what to do in situations
        • As we age schemas become more detailed and sophisticated
        • They enable us to process lots of info quickly and it's like a mental shortcut


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