The disposal of urban waste

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  • Disposal of Urban Waste
    • Energy recovery
      • Waste material is converted into energy
      • Reduces waste toxicity
        • Reduces waste volume by 90%
      • Has capacity limitations
        • Causes air pollution
        • Unpopular with locals (smell)
    • Landfill
      • Waste often disposed of in old quarries
      • Convenient and cheap
        • Different types of waste are accepted
      • Often opposed by residents
        • Unsightly
      • High transportation costs
      • Threatens to pollution groundwater supplies
    • Recyling
      • Items are made into new products
      • Recycling materials can save energy
        • Reduces landfill waste
        • Returns materials back into the economy
      • Not everyone is willing to recycle
      • Recycling facilities are not available to all


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