The effect of economic growth on the environment

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  • Environmental impacts of economic development
    • industrial growth
      • in Kano and Lagos, industrial pollutants go directly into water channels
        • harmful to people and ecosystems
      • industry emits poisonous gases that can cause respiratory and heart problems
      • 70-80% of forests destroyed due to agriculture, urban expansion and industrial development
    • urban growth
      • waste disposal
      • traffic congestion leads to high levels of exhaust emissions
      • the development of Abuja has resulted in areas of rich natural vegetation being replaced by concrete
    • mining and oil extraction
      • tin mining led to soil erosion
        • local water supplies were polluted with toxic chemicals
      • oil spills can cause fires, sending CO2 and harmful gases into the atmosphere, creating acid rain
        • e.g. Bodo oil spills in 2008-09
    • commercial farming and deforestation
      • water pollution due to chemicals, soil erosion and silting of river channels
      • many species, incl. cheetahs and giraffes, have disappeared due to deforestation


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