The Establishment of the Nazi party

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  • The Establishment of the Nazi Party
    • The Nazi Party
      • Wanted the removal of the 'November criminals' from government
      • Wanted to continue passive resistance
      • Hitler wanted a 'march on Berlin'
    • Adolf Hitler
      • Born in Austria April 1988
      • Grew up believing that all Germans should be united in a greater German Reich
      • Spent the war as a soldier on the Western front
        • He was outraged by the Armistice and believed that Germany had been 'stabbed in the back'
      • Worked for the army after the war
        • He was sent to investigate a small party - the 'German Workers' Party'
      • Joined the German Workers' Party
        • In 1920 the party changed its name to the National Socialist German Workers' party (NSDAP)
      • In 1921 Hitler became the party's leader
        • The party became dedicated to overthrowing the Republic + replacing it with nazi dictatorship
          • However the group was still very unknown
    • Munich Beer hall Putsch
      • November 1923 - Hitler made an attempt to win power
      • Hitler secured the support of Ludendorff
      • Hitler burst into the beer hall in Munich where Ritter Von Kahr + Otto Von Lossow where the 2 were addressing  a meeting of 2000
        • He surrounded it with his stormtroopers (SA) and announced that the revolution had begun
      • Kahr and Von Lossow were persuaded at gunpoint to agree to his plan to march on Berlin
        • However their support dissolved overnight
      • The SA could not gain control of the Munich army barracks - Hitler's original plan had failed
      • They marched through Munich anyway - a gunfight with the police ensued
        • Hitler was captured by police, Ludendorff surrendered himself


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