The Features of Science

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  • The Features of Science
    • Objectivity
      • Based on observable phenomena
      • must not be influenced by emotions, opinions or personal prejudices.
      • Greatest degree of control.
    • Theory Construction
      • A framework for describing a phenomenon.
    • Hypothesis Testing
      • If the hypothesis is supported the theory will be supported.
      • If the hypothesis is refuted the theory may need to be revised.
    • Empirical Mehtods
      • Must be based on evidence received via our senses through direct observations.
    • Replicability
      • Ability to repeat the method to assess if similar findings are achieved.
    • Falsification
      • being able to prove a hypothesis wrong
    • Paradigms + Paradigm Shifts
      • Shared set of assumptions and beliefs about how behaviour and thought is studied and explained.
      • Existing established way of studing and explaining behaviour.
        • Challenged by new contradictory evidence
          • Leads to a 'scientific revolution' which is a new way of studying and explaining behaviour.


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