The First Protectorate Parliament

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  • The First Protectorate Parliament Sept 1654- Jan 1655
    • What power did the parliament have?
      • Acts in conjunction with the Protector as the supreme legislative authority
        • This version of Parliament had less power than the Rump and the Parliaments under the rule of monarchs.
      • Drew up bills and the Protector had 21 days to dispute it otherwise it passed ( as long as it didn't contradict the Instrument).
      • Summoned every 3 years for at least 5 months
        • First full election since 1640.
        • Couldn't be dissolved or prorogued without consent.
    • What happened during the First Protectorate Parliament?
      • Cromwell's ordinances were immediately challenged and lawyers managed to overturn the law reforms.
      • Cromwell stood firm in the stance that Instrument could not be changed.
        • When he tried to get MPs to sign a 'Recognition' to not change the government from the Instrument, the Commonwealths-men withdrew.
      • Parliament wanted to cut the army down from 50,000 to 30,000 because they didn't want to pay for it.
    • Why did the First Protectorate Parliament fail?
      • Parliament kept to rewrite the constitution that they had previously agreed to.
        • These changes would have limited religious liberty.
      • They also wanted to reduce the size of the army when there was a royalist uprising beginning in London.
        • Cromwell knew that the army was costly and unpopular, but he couldn't risk losing the support of the army by firing 20,000 men.
      • When Parliament voted for the militia not to be raised, Cromwell dissolved Parliament in Jan 1655.


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