the first revolutions overview

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  • The First Revolutions
    • Before the Revolutions
      • Tsar Nicholas, Tsarina and Rasputin
      • Lack of economic development
      • The Tsar was the ultimate ruler and had all power
      • Peasants = 82% Rulingclass = 0.5%
    • Feb/March Revolution
      • Starts with strikers and ends with Tsar abdicating
      • Now ruled by Provisional Government and Petrograd Soviet
      • Soviet Order One: soldiers rights
      • Dual Authority
    • Between Revolutions
      • Lenin returns on 3rd April 1917
      • Lenin makes his April Thesis
      • The July Days when Kronsdat Naval Base demonstrate
      • The Kornilov Coup to overthrow PG
    • Oct/Nov Revolution
      • starts with soldiers taking over government buildings, ends with Bolshevik power
      • Lenin's Decrees appealed to many people
      • took some time to establish control
      • Sovnarkom ruled by decree and had less authority


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