The Fronde 

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  • The Fronde
    • Fronde Parliamentaire
      • Sparked by M's attempt to increase La Paulette
      • Parliament combined with other law courts, produced a manifesto of their grievances
        • Suffering of the peasantry
        • Tax rebellions
        • Non-payment of salaries
        • Reduplication of offices and threat to La Paulette
      • M withdrew the offending edicts and recalled the intendants
    • After the victory at Lens, M arrests three members of parliament
      • One escaped, Broussel was seized in full view of the mob
        • Started as a riot, later organized by De Retz
          • Demanded the release of Broussel and a Cardinal's hat
    • Fronde of the nobles 1649-52
      • Trying to assert themselves aganist the crown
      • treated France as their private battle ground
      • Settling all disputes and jealousies by a call to arms or had nothing better to do
      • When Louis proclaimed his majority, he provided the occasion for most to make peace
    • Why did it fail?
      • Nobody provided the sustained direction
      • lacked leadership
      • Disunited - Only interested in their self-interests
      • No Viable alternative
      • Many nobles also served Spain, The Fronde was identified with the stigma of treason


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