The Grapes of Wrath AO5

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  • The Grapes of Wrath AO5
    • Spangles
      • 'Steinbeck has smashed the notions of the American Dream'
    • Malcom Bradbury
      • 'the dream of an innocent pastoral America created by man's desire for wonder
    • Steinbeck
      • On the migrant crisis
        • 'Dignity is all gone, and spirit has turned to sullen anger before it dies'
      • 'rip a reader's nerves to rags'
      • 'hit the reader below the belt'
      • 'Dignity is all gone, and spirit has turned to sullen anger before it dies'
      • 'I want to put a tag of shame on the greedy bastards who are responsible for this'
    • Alan Yuhas
      • 'Steinbeck was unapologetic about certain socialist views'
      • Steinbeck observed that 'cruelty comes from fear and siappointment'
      • 'The Grapes of Wrath is simply a parable of disillusionment and survival set in the American west'
      • 'people were always better than the hardships they suffered'
      • 'he wanted us to get angry at those who would ***** hope from us'
    • Robert McCrum
      • GoW 'is a novel with blood on its teeth'
      • 'the book was written in a white heat'
      • 'it is the women who are strong'
    • Fitzgerald
      • Called Steinbeck a 'rather cagey cribber'
        • 'Cribber' - a habit of biting - he was too pushy in his politics
    • Peter Monro Jack
      • GoW is 'pitiful and angry'
      • On the Californians hostility towards migrant farmers
        • 'This part of the story reads like news from Nazi Germany'
      • 'The promised grapes of California have turned into grapes of wrath'
    • BBc: John Steinbeck 'Voice of America'
      • 'catastrophe of biblical proportions'
      • 'biblical exodus'
      • Steinbeck wanted to be a 'recording consciousness'
    • Dorothea Lange's photography
      • 'Migrant Mother' photo
        • lack of hope, shame and dignity
    • Harold Bloom
      • 'Rosasharon shares the milk of human kindness'
        • Rosasharon was a 'modern Madonna'
      • 'Jim Casy is  secular Jesus Christ'
      • 'Tom Joad is a king of St Paul of social rebellion'
      • 'The endurance of Ma Joad and Rose of Sharon is one of the ornaments of The Grapes of Wrath'
        • The women have 'indestructible endurance that rises up from the wisdom of an ultimate skepticism'
    • Alfred Kazin
      • 'The most influential social novel of the period'
    • Susan Shillingshaw
      • 'Anger is not Tom's story nor Casy's story nor is it Steinbeck's final response to a system that starves children'
    • Eleanor Roosevelt
      • TGoW is 'unforgettable'
      • 'The book is coarse but life is coarse in spots'
      • 'The novel was never exaggerated, if anything the novelist had underestimated the violation of human rights'
    • Borden
      • 'the book is a black infernal creation of a twisted distorted mind'


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